Farewell to the Midlands: a Letter of Love

Dear Midlands,1486656_10152118375726789_1953571421_n

Just over a year ago we met and I fell for you.

Despite your cold exterior, the soot, dirt and the abandoned shells of buildings once used to house bustling industry, you had a beauty.

A beauty many others didn’t appreciate. A secret beauty that took some effort to discover but, once unlocked, was something to treasure.

Your lovely canal paths and waterways, which sparkled in the evening sun; fields of green that turned silver and black as each day ended; your people with their sing-song way of speaking and their willingness to speak to anyone standing beside them, friend or stranger.

I’ve learned so much while I’ve been here with you and I’ve become a stronger person for that.

I spent much of my time here in love and learning to be strong and loyal. I learned of loss and failure. Then I learned to stand up again and walk on.

I’ve learned to appreciate my health and to treasure my friends. And I’ve been taught how lucky I am to have a wonderful family in New Zealand and here in England.

My life here has taught me so much but it is time for our ways to part. Sadly, there is no reason for me to remain here, as much as I adore it. My friends and opportunities are elsewhere and a new start is beckoning.1504119_10152118375761789_1352477427_n

So I will re-name my blog and twitter account and welcome the new year with optimism. I will hope that the next place is the one for me. As beautiful and as friendly as you are, we can no longer be together.

Thank you for all you have taught me. We’ll see each other again and I will smile because I still love you really.

Love, Midlands Kiwi


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